oil babe: meet jess

April 7, 2017

I find so much inspiration, love and support from my oil community! These women in this community mean the world to me. So I thought it might be fun to introduce some of the Oil Babes that influence me and teach me how to love and heal! I get so many questions asking why I love my oil community, so I thought it might be fun to hear how the women around me answer!

Meet Jess!


Tell me about yourself and why you started using essential oils?

I’m a writer, dreamer, eternal optimist, mother of 4 (including one with Rett Syndome) and lover of life. I started using Essential Oils about 4 years ago after attending my first dōTERRA class. Not long after, my very first baby was diagnosed with Autism & I immediately turned to the oils to help my little family cope. I instantly fell in love with the way my oils made me feel empowered as a Mother, and especially as a Special-Needs Mother. I found great success using them, and never looked back.

What motivated you to start building a business with doTERRA? When did you decide you would commit to it for the long term?

It took me a long time to get up the courage to build my dōTERRA business. I knew that the oils worked for our family & I believed I had a message to share, but I was hesitant to put myself out there. Eventually I realized that NOT sharing was chipping away at a piece of my soul. With some encouragement from those I loved, I hit the ground running and quickly found so much fulfillment and joy in being open about this part of my life. This is always where I was meant to be.

How has your life changed since using and sharing these oils?

I have found a deeper sense of myself in building my doterra business. The personal development has changed not only me, but my husband, my kids, every person in my innermost circle. As I expand and learn, I am able to show up as the woman I want to be, and share the gift of possibility and hope with others. I feel inspired to create the life I WANT to live, and there is a deep gratitude in knowing I can absolutely do it.

What has been an obstacle or limiting belief in your business that you have since learned to overcome, and how?

This business is constantly pushing me to examine my weaknesses and work to overcome them. I’ve had to become vulnerable, brave, and resilient. My biggest obstacle has (of course) been myself, and those voices in my head that tell me I’m not good enough, smart enough, or worthy of all that I want. I overcome these thoughts by showing up and doing the work anyway. Always, my actions lead my heart back to a place of belief; to that place where I know I am on the right path.

What is a piece of advice you give a new builder starting their business journey?

When I started to build, the best piece of advice I received was to make time for your business every single day. That’s something that stayed with me, and is a big part of the reason I have the team I do. From day one, I have made my business a priority and taken it seriously. I would pass that same piece of advice on to a new builder. This business takes showing up, every single day, with a heart wide open and willing.

What has surprised you most about building a doTERRA business?

Hands down, the friendships I have found have surprised me the most. I could have predicted the personal growth, the stretching and pushing, the learning and changing, but I could have NEVER adequately predicted the relationships I would find here. In building my business, I have met some of the best women on this planet, and made friends that have carried me through some of the darkest days of my life, even from across the country. These are friendships I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and that is something I can never adequately express gratitude for.

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