Cleansing Candida

April 22, 2017

My dear friend Jennie is truly amazing! She is creating a program for women to help reset their bodies through nutrition and holistic remedies. Read more and register through the link below:


When I started my doTERRA business one year ago I knew I wanted my focus to be on educating women on the best ways to support their bodies through holistic practices.  My goal is to teach about how amazing the body is at healing, repairing, and cleansing itself – we sometimes lack the tools and the knowledge needed to support these incredible functions that are biologically inherent in all of us. This new program I have developed is near and dear to me because of the struggles I have had in the past with Candida. I have been down the awful road of recurring yeast and skin infections, brain fog, exhaustion and mood swings. Because I have been down that path and have overcome those stumbling blocks I feel it is my honor and privilege to be able to serve other women and share my journey so they don’t have to feel alone in these struggles. If I could I would shout from the rooftops, “please don’t assume that the misery you are in now is your new “normal” just because you’ve tried nearly everything and nothing has changed! Don’t just settle for feeling terrible; take charge of your body! There are tools to help you, there are ways to get past all the road blocks you foresee in your mind. I am here for you… we, as a community of women, are here for YOU. We want you to succeed and we want you to be your best self so that you can show up in this world as the beautiful, amazing, vibrant woman that you are.

This program is designed to guide you through cleansing Candida from your body and reset your body to feeling whole and full of vitality. So, whether you decide the path for you includes just changing your diet, or adding a few supplements, or overhauling your entire daily routine there is something for you in this program. I have teamed up with a nutritional therapist who is carefully designing a meal plan, including recipes to follow during our 30 day reset. Together we will provide you with all the information you need for the 30 days as well as a private Facebook group where you can feel free to ask us anything and provide support to the other women in the group. We will post information, articles, and host a live Q&A session during our 30 days together. My goal is to empower you with the tools you need to move past Candida ruling your life and help you take back control of your body! There are three different options to join this program starting at only $50! Register by April 25th to ensure that you receive your packet on time. We begin our program on May 1st!

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