The Family Wellness Kit

June 16, 2017


I think we talk all the time about enrollment kits, but I’m not sure if I have ever told you exactly what they are. Here’s the deal…

An Enrollment Kit is a collection of essential oils and/or products that have been selected and packaged together by doTERRA based on their study of consumer needs and wants. These packages offer the newly enrolled customer or Wellness Advocate to waive their membership fee of $35. Plus there are other benefits like exclusive savings, product points (basically doTERRA credit) and free monthly gifts.

The Family Wellness Kit is an amazing kit, but an especially amazing enrollment kit! It’s full of everyday oils for both parents and children. It’s tailored to you! Also, let me talk about the value of this kit. Coming in at $275 you are saving $99 on 9 essential oils, 3 adult nutritional supplements, and 2 children’s supplements. Remember, your enrollment cost is rolled into that too!

What you get:

-2 emotional aromatherapy blends: Cheer and Peace.

  • These are emotionally supportive and help me get my thoughts and feelings adjusted. I love to diffuse these or roll them directly onto my heart to help me throughout my day.

-4 propitiatory essential oil blends: Breathe Respiratory Blend, Deep Blue Soothing Blend, Digestzen Digestive Blend, and On Guard Protective Blend.

  • There are tons of uses for these blends that I put right here!

-4 of doTERRA’s top single oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Melaleuca and Peppermint.

  • There are tons of uses for these blends that I put right here!

-3 adult supplements: all included in doTERRA’s #1 selling item the Life Long Vitality Pack.

  • This is the best for immune support, hair and nail growth, cell renewal. This pack is seriously everyyything and more!

-2 children’s supplement: PB Assist and A2Z chewable vitamin.

  • These are wonderful for your kids! These help growing bodies and help your kids aligned and healthy. Plus, they taste good so your kids will love them!

This is the perfect kit to start your wellness journey! There aren’t too many oils that you might find yourself overwhelmed, but there are plenty to get you started. With The Family Wellness Kit purchased this month, you qualify for a free bottle of my FAVORITE blend immortelle.


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