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December 22, 2017


The new year, a time to start fresh + new. A time when your body says “put down the peppermint cookies – let’s get healthy!” It’s also a time of year when the pressure to do a juice cleanse or restricted diet kicks in and it feels like being extreme is the only way to achieve success.

Here at The Daily Essential Co we set out on a journey to create a fresh start experience that would be attainable for everyone. And one that would not only improve the body but also the mind and the soul.

Thus was born, The Experience – a journey to love mind, body + soul.

Starting January 15 you will move through a four week journey  of love + optimal health moving us all towards a transformative 2018! Together we will seek to empower ourselves as we eat whole foods, exercise, get intentional + cleanse the gut with powerful supplements.


Here is the education you will receive within our exclusive Experience Community:



New members – $245

Existing members- $260


30 days of supplements to cleanse + restore the body!

DDR Prime Soft gels – essential oil blend to support cellular health, function and renewal
Terrazyme – blend of digestive enzymes to aid in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients
GX Assist – combination of essential oils and caprylic acid to help cleanse and support the digestive system
PB Assist – 6 billion CFUs of 6 di erent strains of probiotics plus prebiotic ber in a unique, double-layer capsule Zendocrine Complex – botanical blend to support liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin
Zendocrine Soft Gels – essential oil blend to support the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances

Lemon Essential Oil – naturally cleanses and aids in digestion
Lifelong Vitality Pack – essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants to promote energy, health, and vitality

Purchased separately the total would be $324.05 wholesale.

Part Number: 60200541

Wholesale: $245.00

PV: 175 PV Savings: $79.05

7Z9B5476GET STARTED (by January 10th in order to get product in time):

Disclaimer: unfortunately because of the time, effort + resources being poured in to this, The Experience is open only to existing Daily Essential Co members or those who have not yet begun their doTERRA journey.

DCE U.S. MEMBERS = purchase the Cleanse & Restore Kit on your January LRP by the 10th to receive product in time.
E-mail for questions or support.
DCE CAN + international members = send an email to to learn how to participate at the best price.
NEW MEMBERS = Enroll with our community by purchasing The Cleanse + Restore Kit by January 10th. You can read more in depth about what getting started means here but briefly you will not have to purchase monthly or sell these products. If you are not satisfied you can return for a full refund.
1. If you were referred by Jenna Rammell (Jenna’s Kitchen/ The Daily Essential Co) go HERE to get started and be sure the WA ID your registering under is 42211.
2. If you were referred by someone else in The Daily Essential Co please e-mail for support on how to get started with us!
Enter here to receive more detailed e-mails about The Experience leading up to the big day!
We can’t wait to journey in 2018 with you!
Jenna + The Daily Essential Co

19 thoughts on “The Experience

  1. Elizabeth

    Hello, I’ve been following Jenna for a year now and she’s really a big inspiration. I’m interested in joining but I’m pregnant. I’m due Mid February. Let me know if the supplements are safe or I could purchase it without supplements.

  2. Andrea Nigbur

    So if I’m an existing member all I have to do is order the supplements before Jan 10? What if I have the supplements already? How do I ensure I’m signed up?! When I watched your video I was nearly in tears. I need and want this so very badly!


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