Oil Babe: meet Sara

January 29, 2018

I find so much inspiration, love and support from my oil community! These women in this community mean the world to me. So I thought it might be fun to introduce some of the Oil Babes that influence me and teach me how to love and heal! I get so many questions asking why I love my oil community, so I thought it might be fun to hear how the women around me answer!

Meet Sara!

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Tell me about yourself and why you started using essential oils?

I am a wife to a youth pastor and I’m a lover of natural health.  I started using essential oils when I realized my whole life my immune system was never up to par.  I’ve always been hesitant to use medicine because I knew our bodies were created so beautifully & intricately and medicine just seemed too severe to me.  I really wanted something that would support my body in a natural way.  When I found Amber, a registered RN, I soaked up all the science behind oils as I could!  I grew to appreciate the power of these oils and how easily they worked in the human body.  I felt so validated in my pursuit for natural health.  Oils were what I had been looking for my whole life but didn’t realize it until two years ago.  The journey of replacing old toxic products with simple natural ones has been such a joy in my life.  Sharing these natural solutions has been an even greater joy!

What motivated you to start building a business with doTERRA? When did you decide you would commit to it for the long term?

Honestly, what first motivated me the most to start building a business with doTERRA was the other leaders in this community.  I wanted to walk alongside them and experience the freedom and empowerment they had for themselves.  I truly wanted to share the blessing of essential oils with everyone around me and doing that with the support of these ladies was such a no-brainer!

When I decided I was going to commit to this business long term, I was in an empty place looking for some way to be available for the meaningful parts of life.  My husband is a youth pastor and he loves those kids so much.  I missed every Sunday and every youth event because I was off working a full time job (sometimes more than one..or two).  I wanted to be able to say yes to my husband, yes to serving in our church, and yes to a meaningful life.  Saying yes to doTERRA as a business has meant quitting all those jobs, yes to serving families by bringing natural health, yes to getting to know my community, and most importantly yes to being able to really do life with my husband.

How has your life changed since using and sharing these oils?

It’s been such a great experience finally being able to pair my passion of natural health and serving others!  Not only did I find a natural solution to support my immune system, but I’m empowered to share this blessing with others.

What has been an obstacle or limiting belief in your business that you have since learned to overcome, and how?

When I first decided I was going to give a shot at the business, I was really unsure how to go about it.  I’ve never had much of a voice, I’m not that great of a social networker.  I wasn’t sure how to go about asking people if I could teach them about essential oils.  But what helped me overcome this fear – this lie that I didn’t have it in me – was training with The Daily Essential Co on self-development.  I had to work through those negative thoughts and replace them with truth.  I wasn’t afraid of failing, I was afraid of succeeding!  I didn’t believe I could do this.  Once I replaced those thoughts with positivity and truths like “I deserve this. I have value to bring to others,” everything changed.

What is a piece of advice you give a new builder starting their business journey?

Everyone needs essential oils and YOU get to be the one to bring that to them.  And in doing so, you get to make a paycheck for you and your family.  doTERRA loves natural wellness but they love financial freedom as well.  Being able to use my oils for my family, bless others with oils, and bring home an income for doing so is truly amazing.  Don’t be afraid to share.  Your voice and your business is unique to you and there are people out there who want to work with and learn from YOU.  I spent too long comparing myself to others before I realized I have something to bring to families in a way no one else can.  Your business is your own and you have so much value to bring to people’s lives.

What has surprised you most about building a doTERRA business?

I tell people this all the time and I laugh about it because who would have thought that one of the biggest aspects to building a doTERRA business would be self-development and self-reflection?  I would have never dreamed of so much support for my own heart and mind and soul while working to build up a successful business.  Most of the training I’ve done with this team has been working on believing in myself and healthy mindsets and ridding myself of negative thoughts.  And all of that work has changed the way I run my business.

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