Yay! So stoked you’re wanting to take the plunge in to essential oils. I know this part can feel overwhelming but that’s why I’m here!

Who am I? My name is Jenna Rammell and I am a mother to 3, wife, blogger + wellness advocate. In the last 3 years we have welcomed over 3500 families in to our community The Daily Essential Co where we are passionate about educating on these beautiful natural resources of health.


You may be asking yourself “Why are these oils derived from plants SO expensive?” Let me break it down for you – then we will get in to the good stuff, enrollment kits!

There are 250 drops of essential oil in a 15ml bottle. One application is typically no more than 2-3 drops. I’d say it’s a pretty small price to pay. You can find all these oils in most starter kits and if you’re factoring in the community, new friendships and ongoing education you’ll receive….it’s truly a steal!

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Typically where people start with essential oils, is one of our enrollment kits. They’re the best value because your wholesale pricing membership ($35) is included with the kit!

If for some reason none of these look interesting to you, let me know so I can work with you specifically on your needs. We can add ANY oils a la carte and if you just want to order ONE oil for now – that’s fine too! My passion is getting these oils in people’s hands all while educating you and welcoming you in to our community however YOU choose.

DE 2016 Kits-01

Cleanse & Restore Kit $245 –

This power kit is filled with the essentials to promote lifelong health. If you’re looking to cleanse your gut and start fresh, this kit full of doTERRA’s #1 selling supplements, probiotics and digestive health aids will be a fantastic place to begin.

The Family Essentials Kit, $150 –

This is our basic kit with the 10 most popular used essential oils. It is a great price point and comes with what you need to get your feet wet. The bottles are 5 ml and come with a welcome packet as well as the Peppermint & On Guard Beadlets!

AromaTouch Diffused Kit $150 –

This INCREDIBLE new kit includes doTERRA BalanceLavenderMelaleucadoTERRA On GuardAromaTouchDeep BlueWild OrangePeppermint Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz), Petal Diffuser! This kit can help support your immune and mental health. I love that it includes a diffuser!

DE 2016 Kits-03

The Family Wellness Kit, $275-

The new Family Wellness Kit is my MOST favorite for moms and the kit I MOST definitely would have started out with had it been around! This kit has supplements for mom (LLV) which helps support your hormones, immunity, skin and hair health. PB Assist probiotics for your kiddos (no fillers or junk), touch rollerballs predicted with coconut oil so you don’t have to worry about your kids skin and the AWESOME a2Z chewable vitamins!

The Home Essentials Kit, $275-

This is the kit most people start with! It has the 10 core essential oils you’ll need to get going but in a 15ml size – so you get more bang for your buck. Also included is an essential oil diffuser which is crucial to your essential oil usage!

The Natural Solutions Kit, $550-

My FAVORITE kit. This kit has all you need to get started with your core essential oils, some of my favorite mood oils, diffuser, Vitamins (doTERRA’s number one selling product) and much more! PLUS When you purchase this kit, if you order 100PV the next month you will receive 100PV in free points! So loads and loads of free goodies with this one. It truly is the best value!

DE 2016 Kits-02

Every Oil Kit, $1,775-

Oh man if I could have started with this kit when I joined – I would have! This kit is freaking where it’s at. As it’s name suggests you get EVERY OIL doTERRA harvest, including precious essential oils that are currently not available to anyone for sale like Roman Chamomile and Melissa! It is DEFINITELY the ultimate way to get started, you won’t regret this bad boy.

Get started with us HERE!

  1. You’ll first fill our your information and THEN be picking your kit and oils! Make sure you have my number #42211 filled in so you can enjoy our community.
  2. Once you check out – email me for a free gift and access to our exclusive FB group!


Do I have to order monthly?

Nope, you do not have to order monthly – or ever again should you not want to! Our hope is that as a community we educate you and inspire you in a way that you love using your essential oils and ordering them through the LRP system really is the best way but not a requirement.

Do I have to sell a certain amount?

No! Sharing essential oils is an option! You do not have to share, meet quotas, sell a certain amount etc…to enjoy your wholesale membership. If you do have a desire to build a business with us please select the Distributor option so we can best support and mentor you!

Is there a Return Policy?

Yes you can return your essential oils! You can read the return policy in detail here – doTERRA wants you to be happy with your oils.

What If I don’t know how to use them?

That’s totally fine, that’s why we are here! Upon joining our community you will receive welcome info, access to our exclusive Facebook member only group and a wellness consultation where we chat with you one on one about your needs.