20% off starter kits!

HI friends!

There are only 2 more days to take advantage of the incredible September promotion – 20% off starter kits! This has only happened one other time in the 10 year history of doTERRA so we are all REALLY excited about it. Plus when you enroll with me you’ll be getting another special gift to help you begin on your essential oil journey! So let me break this down for you real quick – I know you don’t have much time 🙂

All of these kits I LOVE but here are the two I REALLY recommend getting started with!

In the Home Essentials you’ll get 10 of the CORE essential oils with thousands of uses for your health as well as an essential oil diffuser that puts the therapeutic properties of the oils in to the air! You can read hundreds of ways to use this kit here. Another perk of this kit is that the essential oils common 15ml bottles which is about 250 drops! Considering an application topically is 1-3 drops these bottles will last you a LONG time.

The second kit I’d recommend is this beautiful Cleanse & Restore Kit. This power kit is filled with the essentials to promote lifelong health. If you’re looking to cleanse your gut and start fresh, this kit full of doTERRA’s #1 selling supplements, probiotics and digestive health aids will be a fantastic place to begin. This is the kit we use for our semi- annual cleanse called, The Experience. If you’ve been wanting to get in to our supplements and learn more about their incredible benefits this kit is the one for you! There is a whole protocol we teach you using each supplement to where you cleanse the gut and get a jump start and clean slate on your health.

This Kit includes:

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®Zendocrine® SoftgelsZendocrine ComplexDigestZen TerraZyme®GX Assist®PB Assist®+DDR Prime®SoftgelsLemon essential oil, The doTERRA Essentials Booklet

With any purchase of any starter kit you receive access to our Private Facebook group, continued education, one on one wellness consults with an advocate and ongoing support and friendship!

Want to read more about the other starter kits? Click here. The kit of ALL kits I recommend is the Natural Solutions which gives you a sampling of just about everything we offer!

Also a free gift from me!

Let’s get started:

Click HERE!

  1. You’ll first fill our your information and THEN be picking your kit and oils! My Wellness advocate ID is #42211 – be sure that’s entered in so you can receive the benefits of our community!
  2. Once you check out – email me jenna@thedailyessentialco.com for a free gift and access to our exclusive FB group!

I can’t wait to journey with you as you begin to use oils and doTERRA products in your home. They are changing our life, our home and our planet and I am so excited for them to do the same for you!




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