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Hello! My name is Ashley Reeves. I am not a professional dietitian, chef, or trainer. I am just a 6 foot tall mom of 3 wild little boys and one precious baby girl. I now use clean food packed full of nutrients to gain the energy I need to keep up with my children, and have overall health and happiness for myself. I was very overweight as a teen, and struggled with food addictions and unhealthy habits for years. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I found the power in REAL food, and I have loved learning and applying these benefits in my life since. I love sharing ideas, recipes, and love of cooking with others. I truthfully hope this will be a place for beautiful & delicious food for you and your family to enjoy together.

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The Healthy Home Kit is filled with all-natural solutions that will not only quickly lower the toxins in your cleaning products around the house, but will also help you fully transition to plant-based products, in ONE purchase!


You'll love the Top 10 oils that are featured in the kit, and by diffusing them at home or your office in your NEW included diffuser, with some of our signature diffuser blends, you'll start noticing one of my FAVORITE parts about adding essential oils to your life... MOOD SUPPORT, naturally.


THIS might be where your love of essential oils truly goes NEXT LEVEL. By regularly using these amazing amber bottles in your daily routine, you can treat symptoms of many common ailments BEFORE they start... and cut down on time that you & your family are feeling "down" from regular bugs that make their way around. I can't think of any greater benefit than the boost to your overall health that I KNOW essential oils can support you in providing.



From your candles, to your shampoo, to your toothpaste– extra, not-so-great for you chemicals have found their way into the most common “household” brands… and the negative effects those toxins have on your health & your family’s health might be starting to take it’s toll on you… 


Meanwhile, you’ve seen people in your (maybe even ME!) posting about the amazing benefits of choosing healthy, natural solutions for your home & family through these things called “essential oils” and you’re curious just HOW exactly they work & if they can work for YOU?!


Rest assured– THEY can. Is the change easy? Not always, but anything worth doing requires some element of change… and this simple is among the easiest change you’ll go through. 


I’ll be there with you, every step of the way, showing you HOW to use your new products, and I’ll even throw in amazingly chic glass bottles & labels to make your transition EVEN easier. 


Now’s the time! If you’re ready, here’s a bit of me walking you through what all you’ll receive: 



If you're looking to try a bit of everything...

The Healthy Home Kit is for YOU! This Kit includes: 

Our Top 10 Oils

Signature Brevi Stone Diffuser




-Handwash concentrate

-All-Purpose Cleaner concentrate

-Sanitizing Spray


By purchasing as a set, you save nearly $100, and I’ll send you a FREE set of clear glass bottles & labels, with my trusted DIY recipes to easily create: 

-All Purpose Spray Cleaner

-Room Freshener Spray

-Laminate Floor Cleaner

-Fresh Fridge Spray





This free gift is valued at an additional $50, BUT IT’S YOURS FREE, with the purchase of the Healthy Home Kit, and will be mailed to you separately from your new kit. 


I worked for years to find better love of self which in turn made me want to take better care of myself, and those around me. doTERRA's Natural PRODUCTS HELP ME EASILY DO JUST THAT, AND I FEEL GREAT WHEN USING THEM.

I love purchasing doTERRA
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It’s the best way to get the best oils at the best price. 

I can help you get your wholesale membership started, 

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health goals you have to get you closer to your ideal, best, most natural life. 

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My favorite

When you’re got a bunch of growing boys, who all are genetically bound to be tall… like, really tall… the growing pains start early. It’s hard to tell them what’s going on with their bodies, but they know where to turn to when the aches & pains of big, strong bone growth happens. 

My newest doTERRA obsession is their all-natural deodorant. Off the shelf brands from Target that feature aluminum are cheap, but that ingredient has been proven to mess with your vital systems. And the natural alternatives are pricey… with my wholesale membership, the natural deodorant from doTERRA can be shipped to my door every month for less– and it’s even strong enough to combat pre-teen boy smell… you know the one 🙂 

Yummy smelling and all natural? Check! Easily making my own cleaner at home from ONE bottle when my spray bottle runs out. Such a no-brainer for a busy mom that just wants to keep germs & bacteria at bay for as long as possible. I know that all of my kids can eat off the counter, if they had to, with this amazing & multi-purposeful cleaner. I LOVE spot treating stained laundry with this wonderful natural cleaning concentrate, too! 

I choose natural choices & solutions for my family because I love making better for us choices. Using whole ingredient vitamins that are formulated to be more readily available in their natural parts makes more sense to me than buying off the shelf vitamins that I’m not sure WHAT is even in them… plus… I can tell a HUGE difference in my hair and nails when I stop taking these for even a month. 

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