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Back to School LRP!


Back to school for us means stocking up our essential oils cabinet, on top of all of the school clothes and supplies for the classroom! We rounded up our top oils that we use throughout the school year, which if you order in your LRP will include a FREE Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint (for 160 PV) !


Motivate (23pv): We LOVE Motivate for it’s encouraging and uplifting qualities, great to diffuse during homework hour or before school to get your kids ready for the day.

Arborvitae (22pv): Arborvitae is our favorite for kiddos since it’s a little more gentle than On Guard. It’s great to diffuse when kids get home from school to cleanse and purify the air. Also works great applied on bottoms of feet!

Serenity (30pv): Our love for Serenity runs deep. We put this in our children’s diffuser every night before bed.

Balance (20pv): Ahh, Balance. A blend we use morning, noon, and night! Also great to apply to wrists and bottoms of feet before tests or presentations at school!

InTune (34.50pv): InTune is so great in so many ways, a blend that the whole family can benefit from (and use! since it’s already diluted). We apply every morning before school or work, and you should too!

On Guard Touch (21pv): The touch oils are ones that we ALWAYS keep in our bags while we’re on the go, or close to us at home. We apply On Guard Touch every night as part of our nightly routine to support a healthy immune system!

On Guard+ Softgels (21pv)On Guard+ contains essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system, particularly when seasonal threats are high. We always take them when we don’t feel 100%, and also can pop the soft gels and apply to kids’ feet!

Now with all of those oils above added into your LRP (that you can edit each month to fit your needs!!!) you will receive a FREE Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint! Such an amazing deal for the top used oils! Read more about those oils HERE. This offer is good through the 31st so get while you can!

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