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Let’s talk about why getting started on July 20 is going to be the best bang for your buck EVER, EVER. We promise, EVER.QUALITY GOODSBuy One Get One is a special doTERRA runs only twice a year. It’s a unique opportunity to buy an oil and get one FREE! You can read more about that here.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get started using essential oils but have been hesitant – here is how you’ll get going to receive 10% off and over $100 in free essential oils!

On July 20-22

  1. Start here and enroll with The Touch Kit which is currently 10% off and the easiest way to get started using essential oils with 9 of the most commonly used oils! (read more here)
  2. THEN add the BOGO deal of the day! You can always see what it is both on our Instagram and Facebook. Today it is add Arborvitae and get Clove FREE!
  3. Check out with a total of 150 PV or more (this will make perfect sense in your cart) and you’ll receive Cheer, Motivate, Balance AND your BOGO essential oil…..FREE! 
  4. Now you’ll be receiving wholesale prices on essential oils and other doTERRA products for the entire year as well as order BOGO deals at wholesale cost for the next two days!

That’s freaking insane you guys! We’ve been around a long time and it’s SO rare to see so many goodies coming at ya — doTERRA is so generous!


  • you are not required to purchase a certain amount or anything at all monthly.
  • you are not required to share and sell the essential oils should you not want to.
  • you will become an exclusive member of The Daily Essential Co and receive a wellness consult on safety, usage as well as continued education.

So if you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger – set your alarm for July 20th because it’s going to be incredible.

edit //  TODAY’S (July 21) BOGO DEAL:

Ginger: We LOVE Ginger for it’s digestion capabilities! It is also great for cooking, add a drop or two to replace whole ginger in recipes.

On Guard, which you get for FREE, is an oil we use DAILY in our home. Used frequently for immune support, it’s one we love to diffuse and apply. Rub on bottom’s of kid’s feet during the school year, or put it in your diffuse before guest’s arrive to cleanse the air. It also makes a great All Purpose Cleaner!

Now you know WHY today is YOUR day…so get started!

With any questions regarding this limited time deal please e-mail

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