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My clients and friends call me “The Gut Girl”. They know I have a passion for finding simple, whole, and natural solutions that create a healthy lifestyle. It thrills me to share my favorite doTERRA products with you that treat your body with the respect you deserve.



Swap out bad air for clean essential oils and you’ll notice a difference. Now if you have blocked up nostrils from a mix of allergies or poor air quality or if you’re here in Utah, we currently have a fire that is contributing to lots of junk in our air then do yourself a favor and snag a bottle of BREATHE!!​

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Not just for the gym enthusiast. Although it definitely helps with my gym sessions, I also used this for my feet and ankles while I was pregnant. The extra weight wasn’t doing them any favors.

Breathe is a blend you can only get at doTERRA and I can’t tell you how often i use it. It opens up my airways so fast, and it’s also so energizing for me. 

I am OBSESSED with doTERRA’s new Adaptiv collection. I instantly feel lighter, less heavy in my brain & in my chest by using the roll-on and diffusing the oil blend.

Puts a pep in my step. It might sound crazy but I try to go most days without caffeine.. Go ahead and push that jaw back up. It might seem impossible but as I’ve worked with those with autoimmune diseases, anxiety and adrenal fatigue, I noticed that caffeine was making their symptoms worse! I decided to try going sans caffeine and I actually love it. I use Motivate to add a lil pep and I totally notice a difference.

Forget old-school toxic candles. Citrus bliss makes my house smell dreamy while elevating my mood. Since I’m an essential oil minimalist, I tend to opt for doTERRA’s blends. They just do it SO much better than I can.

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