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Change your Daily Health Habits with The Daily Essential Habit Reset

Do you have less-than healthy daily habits you’d like to change? Are you still confused at how essential oils and doTERRA’s premium natural supplements could help change your life?

It’s a very exciting time to join The Daily Essential Co. We’re thrilled to announce that for the first-time ever, doTERRA has created one our favorite healthy habits kit as an enrollment kit. That means you get wholesale (think Costco) pricing on premium essential oils & blends all year long while also enjoying high-end natural supplements for a fraction of the cost if they were sold separately.

The basis for making health decisions and staying on TOP of our health and preventing instead of only caring about our health as a reactionary step. Small steps every day lead to dramatic changes in life & health.

That’s the reason for our excitement about this natural supplement & essential oil healthy habits kit from doTERRA. In this kit, you’ve got incredible value AND the keys to start implementing a daily routine that leads to a healthy lifestyle, which we believe is the true key to proactive health care. We call is self-care at the cellular level, which we know everyone needs.

Daily Habits Lifestyle Ladder by The Daily Essential Co
Daily Habits Lifestyle Ladder by The Daily Essential Co

In what we call our “Lifestyle Ladder” you can clearly see that habitually healthy activities are the foundation of productivity in managing one’s health. With this Daily Health Habits kit from doTERRA, you’ll get every product you need to practice the below healthy behaviors each & every day.

Here’s what a typical day should look like during this challenge:


  • Apply 1–2 drops of Balance to the bottom of your feet when you wake up.
  • Apply 1 drop of Frankincense under your tongue.
  • With breakfast, take one Terrazyme®, one PB Assist®, and doTERRA Lifelong Vitality 


  • Use a citrus oil in your water throughout the day. Dr. Hill suggests Lemon, Tangerine, or Grapefruit.
  • With lunch, take one Terrazyme.
  • Appply Deep Blue® Rub after strenous activity in the afternoon (or when needed). 


  • Diffuse doTERRA On Guard®, add one drop under your tongue, or take a doTERRA On Guard® Softgel.
  • With dinner, take one Terrazymeand doTERRA Lifelong Vitality  


  • Diffuse your favorite oil for relaxation or apply to the bottom of your feet. We suggest Lavender or doTERRA Serenity®.

And as a member of The Daily Essential Co, this month only, you may join us in our private Facebook community and be entered to win more than $1,500 in prizes JUST for purchasing this kit and getting in on resetting your habits. We’re giving away everything from $100 to LuLu Lemon to an Apple Watch. There’s no better time to reset and practice new health habits than right now.

Hope to see you there.



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  1. Would I receive information on how to start taking the supplements? Thank you.

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