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DDR Prime, what is it?

DDR Prime is an oil that often sneaks under folks radar.  What’s funny, is that this oil blend is a cellular powerhouse, and even our notorious Dr. Hill has said that if he could only have one oil from doTERRA, it would be DDR Prime.  And it’s an oil that our family loves and uses daily.  It’s a blend made by doTERRA’s certified aromatherapists, and you can purchase the oil blend, or pick it up in gel cap form.  This blend contains frankincense, wild orange, summer savory, niaouli, lemongrass, clove & thyme.

So why all the excitement about this blend from those “in the know?”  Well this is an oil that helps protect the cells in our body from oxidative stress.  And oxidative stress is what causes all of the problems in our bodies.  When there is an imbalance in our body between the creation of free radicals, and the neutralization of them via antioxidants, our cells become stressed and age.  Doesn’t sounds very good, does it?  So having an oil blend that supports our cellular health and helps neutralize those situations where we have an unpaired electron just hanging around causing us issues, seems like it would be pretty helpful for us all, right?

My husband is a cancer survivor, and he takes DDR Prime everyday.  I am anxious to bring up cancer in an oil conversation, because I am definitely NOT telling you that DDR Prime is going to solve all your woes related to the dreaded c-word.  But, what I can remind you is that cancer is also a disease that thrives off icky free radicals floating around your body in abundance.  So, if I can help my husband support and protect his cells, and to continue to promote overall wellness in his body, that is a positive choice we have the ability to make.  We choose to use DDR Prime in a daily, proactive way to support ongoing cellular health, and to keep things nice and balanced in our household.

8 thoughts on “DDR Prime, what is it?

  1. How is it used? Just rub on skin, anywhere?

    1. It can be used topically or internally

  2. I have fatty liver disease. Will this also help me

    1. I don’t have any personal experience on fatty liver disease, but I believe it caused by beta-alanine in the blood stream. DDR prime is awesome for any time of inflammation control so I would say its a great supplement to try.

  3. Can children use it? Children with pervasive developmental disorders? How much do you dosage?

    1. Yes. Start out slow whether you’re taking it internally or applying it topically

  4. I have a child that was diagnosed at birth with Nonspecified Syndromic Disorder… Ears, heart, lungs, digestion and brain are all affected. Since her condition is congenital, would DDR help her? I already use Peace, Balance, DigestZen and Serenity daily but there’s little change in her everyday functionality.

    1. Hi Crystal! Thank you very much for your comment. I would try DDR prime and copiba as part of a daily routine. Are you on The Daily Essential Co facebook groups? Its a great location to learn and ask questions about specific oils. Email or message me if I can help you in any way.

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