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When it comes to self care – finding something that is simple that you can do every day is key. Hello, dry brushing!


Dry brushing is amazing for your skin, helps your body detox and can even help keep you sane. It’s also  proven to reduce cellulite…COUNT ME IN.

Here are three reasons you need to add it to your daily self care and beauty routines ASAP.

  1. Dry brushing gently moves and wakes up the lymphatic system. This is directly beneath your skin. When you keep your lymphatic system moving in your body, you literally wake up your entire being and assist your body in detoxifying naturally. Such a great benefit (similar to rebounding!).
  2. It exfoliates your skin. While not intended for exfoliation, moving the brush gently on your skin will do just that! It’s great for keeping your legs looking fabulous and can even help remove the dead skin cells that can annoyingly cluster on your arms.
  3. One of my favorite things about dry brushing! It’s an intentional act of slowing down. When you find little things you can do things throughout your day to slow yourself down, you’re lowering your stress levels and anxiety as well. Win win.

So, how do you dry brush? It’s oh-so easy! First, you’ll need a natural bristle dry brush (like this one). When you dry brush you want to move from the outside towards your heart. I like to start at my feet and moving in a circular motion move all the way up the legs. I then do my arms, my belly and back.

One thing I also like to do is make a blend of coconut oil, Cypress and Grapefruit to spread over my legs after I dry brush. Cypress and Grapefruit are both incredible to support circulation, cellulite reduction and skin complexion.

That’s it! Seriously the easiest and will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed to hop in the shower.

If you want to hear more about why I love dry brushing you can watch this free webinar!

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