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#SelfCare September

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Self care moments are the key to keeping yourself together in your daily life. As Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye says, “How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you.”

So- for all of September, we’re going to hosting #selfcareSeptember around The Dailly Essential Co. And we’re going to give you one more little hot tip… You need the dōTERRA Touch® Kit in your life. I’ll “touch” on just a few of the reasons why, babe.

1. This kit features nine–NINE--of doTERRA’s most popular, versatile, and loved essential oils. We’re talking immune support, easing tension and muscle soreness, stress relief, cleansing and purifying, soothing skin irritations, digestion aid, and more. All packed into this one kit. So here’s what’s included:

  • doTERRA Breathe® 
    • Roll on chest to clear airways when sick, pre-exercise, or before bedtime
  • Deep Blue® 
    • Roll onto sore muscles and areas of tension as needed
  • DigestZen® 
    • Apply to the stomach or bottoms of feet after eating a large meal
  • Frankincense 
    • Massage on the temples throughout the day to balance mood or apply to appearance of skin imperfections
  • Lavender 
    • Rub on the bottoms of feet of a restless child before bedtime
  • Melaleuca 
    • Roll on bottoms of feet and inside shoes for a fresh aroma and feeling or apply after shaving to soothe and cool skin
  • doTERRA On Guard® 
    • Apply to chest or feet when seasonal threats are high or use on palms of hands to purify skin
  • Oregano 
    • Apply a small amount to hands and rub together for cleansing benefit
  • Peppermint 
    • Massage oil onto back of neck for a cooling sensation and to relieve feelings of tension.

2. The oils come already diluted in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. (Meaning they’re ready to use straight out of the box. *Cue audience cheers*) Now, I know diluting your oils isn’t necessarily hard, but it is an extra step. And you’re busy. And sometimes remembering those dilution ratios off the top of your head feels like more trouble than it’s worth. So whether you’ve got sensitive skin, are wanting an option safe for kids, or are looking for a pre-diluted option, the dōTERRA Touch® Kit strikes the perfect balance between sensitive and effective.

Essential oils are something we love to use around our home, on our bodies, in our recipes, and definitely with our children! But because children and babies are more delicate than adults, you have to be so careful when it comes to applying and diluting!  Essential Oils and getting started can be SO overwhelming to people and we totally get it, this is why we LOVE The Touch Kit! 

3. Speaking of busy, the 10 mL roller-ball makes for easy, quick application. Simply apply to touch points such as the back of the neck, wrists, and feet, and let the oil do its job. (Hint: Rollerballs are also great to toss in your purse and take with you on-the-go.)

This Touch Kit from doTERRA is the simplest way to get started using essential oils and it’s PERFECT for self-care moments all over the place.

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