How To Get the Most Out of The Daily Essential Co Make & Take Kits

We’ve made it simple to get started with hosting in-person classes to share The Daily Essential Co with as many people in the world as possible! Whether you’re just starting out with us at The Daily Essential Co, or you’ve been building your business for years…. we hope you’ll find the Make & Takes that we create for you helpful & encouraging, and use the kit’s resources to the fullest! We here to serve you… so to get started, here’s our helpful guide & a handy checklist in hosting your first or you 500th essential oils class.

If you haven’t yet joined The Daily Essential Co and are interested in learning more about what we do & how we do it, visit our Get Started page to learn more. h

Download this handy checklist and success with your first The Daily Essential Co Make & Take class is that much closer!

You’re first step is to choose from our Make & Take class kits.

Inside you’ll find:

  1. Class Supplies- Labels, recipe cards, table tent cards for supplies and frameable station recipes.
  2. Social Sharing Files- Instagram & Facebook posts, stories and event page header banners
  3. Teaching Notes- Your class recipe card, as well as teaching tips and a supply list to help you keep it all together!


Pick out a class host and confirm location and timing. Write this information down on a post-it note where you can see it, because you’ll be sharing it often in the next few weeks!

Order your labels and bottles ideally 1-2 weeks out from your class. You’ll see in your class Supply List what you need for each class.

If you haven’t already, submit your class date, time and location to The Daily Essential Co so we can get your class registered on our Calendar. This is the link The Daily Essential Co team will be using to share upcoming M&Ts and classes—so—if you’re having one, you’ll want your class listed so people can find you!

Printing & Usage Instructions are found on each PDF in your class supplies. The recipes you’ll see here are for smaller sample sizes. Use your own judgement + scale the recipes if you’d like to make larger sizes for display during class to show. If applicable- large labels can be found in Class Supplies.

Consider which essential oil kits and extras you’d like to bring with you to display and sell. Your Teacher’s Notes card will have what we recommend, but this is your class- so go, shine, sister.

 It’s helpful to have at the class:

            A form of payment processing (like Square or the PayPal app)

            New Enrollment questionnaires/ info sheets so you can follow up        

An assistant that can be your runner to help people with recipes, while you’re answering oil-usage related questions.

Please tag @thedailyessentialco and #thedailyessentialcoM&T when sharing these files and your classes on social media! We’ll reshare as much as we can.

Feel free to make your own graphics using the images provided—we’ve given you a few to get started (no excuses—go be awesome!), but you can even make those your own!  Canva is a free tool and very easy to use.

The Daily Essential Co Make & Take Kits Supply List


Create an Eventbrite- share that link in an email newsletter if you have a list.

Create a Facebook Event- share that event with everyone that follows you a minimum of 2-3 times.

Have your Host share the above and talk about small incentives for her to get more people to your class.

Start posting on Instagram & Facebook with the images found in the Social Sharing Files (easy!) and use swipe ups (if you have them) and the link in your profile to share the Eventbrite

You set your own pricing for the class. We like to have a $5 class fee, which goes towards a M&T for the class participant to take home. This way, they’ve “paid” so they’re more likely to show up for your class, and then they do get at least one product to take home and try.

PRO TIP FROM JENNA: Don’’t just think of new enrollments—invite some of your already existing customers to encourage education, and maybe give a fun prize to the customer that brings the most new class attendee friends!

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