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The Nordstrom Sale – for the essential oil lover

The Nordstrom Sale isn’t JUST for fashionistas….it’s for oil lovers too! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite things from the sale just for YOU, the oil girl.THE NORDSTROM SALE

1-Who says dreams start in January? This planner is perfect for your new leader, new rank or a new you starting August 2016! Perfect for convention. Also found in black.

2-Some say cosmetic case, we say essential oil case.

3-Need to celebrate that new Gold leader? How better than this tumbler. This one also stole our hearts.

4-This beautiful tissue cover, cause #emilywright.

5-My favorite thing to use my Verage cleaner with is the Clarisonic….and I’ve NEVER seen it this cheap! It just makes your face so shiny and new!

6- This darling water bottle set kills me…and they’re glass which means they’re essential oil safe!

7-This marble display case for your essential oil classes would be SO gorgeous!



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