OIL Babe: Meet Kami

February 14, 2018

I find so much inspiration, love and support from my oil community! These women in this community mean the world to me. So I thought it might be fun to introduce some of the Oil Babes that influence me and teach me how to love and heal! I get so many questions asking why I love my oil community, so I thought it might be fun to hear how the women around me answer!

Meet Kami!

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Tell me about yourself and why you started using essential oils?

I started using essential oils in 2011 as I started looking for natural options to use in my home! My son had been experiencing health problems which led me to start cleaning up our diet and our home. I wanted to only use things on his sensitive body that I knew would be safe and have no side effects!

What motivated you to start building a business with doTERRA? When did you decide you would commit to it for the long term?

I wanted to build a business almost immediately because of how quickly and effectively the essential oils worked in our home! It took me quite a while to commit. It wasn’t until the Fall of 2015 that I finally was ready to dive in, commit myself, and work without giving up or quitting!

How has your life changed since using and sharing these oils?

I have felt so much joy as I have helped other women, especially mamas, be empowered in their health care. It is so nice to have something to reach for in the middle of the night when kiddos are struggling. It is even more amazing to hear other moms having the same experiences! I also love seeing the confidence and purpose developing in the women who are building a business alongside me.

What has been an obstacle or limiting belief in your business that you have since learned to overcome, and how?

That everyone already knows about and uses oils. That’s totally not true! Very few people actually use oils and incorporate them into their lifestyle.

What is a piece of advice you give a new builder starting their business journey?

Set a timeline for yourself and commit! Give yourself 1 year or 2 years before you re-evaluate whether or not your business is growing…I think you’ll be really surprised! And the best advice is – don’t quit on a bad day!

What has surprised you most about building a doTERRA business?

The friendships!! And the connection with other women around the globe. I have found some of my best friends within doTERRA and I would not trade that for anything!

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