Product spotlight: Geranium

Product Spotlight 🌿 GERANIUM. When I first opened a bottle of this floral oil I thought 🤔 might not be for me! But over time as with all essential oils Geranium has been a constant I reach for. Yes it has properties that help beautify the skin and hair leaving it glowing and is found in many spa products but it is Geraniums emotional components that keep me coming back for more! Geranium oil is a tonic for the adrenal cortex which regulates the release of hormones and this oil helps maintain hormonal balance. As a supporter of the adrenal system, it is especially helpful in managing my long-lasting exhaustion and fatigue. Since hormones have a direct effect on our moods, Geranium can support my feelings of self-doubt, nervousness and weariness which are usually symptoms of hormonal imbalance. This is an oil I constantly diffuse and is especially delightful in an evening bath! What are your favorite uses of Geranium?

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