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    How to use:
    Start your day off setting an intention for the day and spraying Sacred Soul in a circular motion around your body. Breathe deeply inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth reciting your intention and affirmation in your mind. 
    Visualize cleansing the air and aura around you, you are protected, you are love, you are light.  

    Repeat this process anytime your energy needs a reset or when you feel unrooted. 

    Rose Water- This gentle + invigorating base to Sacred Soul works well with all skin types and is made from the distilled water of rose petals. Roses have a very high (some research reports the highest) vibrational energy which helps us in staying positive and hopeful.
    White Sage- Sage works to erase the negative energy around you removing burden and protecting you from it. It can lessen the impact of overwhelming and depleting people and protect you from toxic energies that surround. 
    Balsam Fir- Sourced from the resin in the Balsam Fir Tree this oil helps you to feel rooted, grounded and stable like the tree from which it came. Also supports open airways making it easier to take deep cleansing breaths. 
    Clove- Used for centuries to support emotional and spiritual needs, Clove is a powerhouse at protecting your energy, strengthening boundaries and opening blocked chakras.
    Litsea - Native to East Asia, Litsea has a long indigenous usage by the people of Taiwan. LItsea and it's citrus aroma has cleansing properties and can rejuvenate energy
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