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The Daily Essential Co Allergy Make & Take


The season of sniffles is upon us! The recipes you’ll help your attendees create in this class
help you teach them how to use essential oils in basic recipes to relieve some of the pain &
annoyance of seasonal symptoms to get them back to feeling better, faster! You’ll teach
and share with them why our bodies react to the environment around us the way that
they do this time of year, and why using essential oils is a natural way to create healthy
healing habits to get them through the feelings of sickness, holistically. You’ll teach them
how safely using essential oils can create lasting change to reduce their toxic load from
taking over-the-counter fixes. The oils and blends we are creating during this class can help activate anti-histamine properties in the body.

Included in this kit are:

  •  -Instructor Recipes & Scripts
  •  -Label files ready-to-print
  •  -Table recipe cards
  •  -Supply List
  •  -Social Media posts including Eventbrite covers, instagram posts & stories and more

The recipes assist with the symptoms the body naturally creates, are not intended to cure or treat the issues that come up every season.