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The Daily Essential Co Anxiety Make & Take


A R O M AT I C S  F O R  A N X I E T Y
Using the power of plants in a habitual way is a good practice to start when feelings of anxiety arise. Relaxation techniques may produce modest short-term reduction of anxiety in people with ongoing health problems. These techniques have also been shown to be useful for older adults with anxiety. Adding aromatherapy via essential oils to your relaxation techniques is a great practice to start now and continue as a way to calm your emotions and feelings wherever you are.

This item includes everything you need, digitally, to create a successful make & take class with zero stress. However, you’ll be responsible for printing labels, handouts and gathering supplies.

Kit Includes:

  • -Label files, ready to print
  • -Instructor cards & recipes for students to take home
  • -Social media images included instagram story posts & eventbrite cover photos

This kit and the creative assets included in it is not intended to help treat or diagnose any mental health condition.