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The Daily Essential Habits Reset- Win $1500 in prizes

If you’ve been following me recently, you know that I’m back on taking one of my very favorite doTERRA products, our natural supplements.

Just like in this post about the Life Long Vitality supplements over here, I feel SUCH a difference in my energy, skin and hair health, sleep…basically, everything when I’m on them! And here’s why I’m telling you about them again… it’s an even better time to get started with them now because this month when you order them we are giving away prizes from lululemon, an Apple Watch and more!** It’s seriously so cool, and I hope you’ll join us, even if you’re just wanting to learn more about them. Also, it’s a no-lose proposition… doTerra will totally refund your entire purchase if you don’t feel a difference because they’re that confident in them!! I’m THAT confident in them. They’re real, real life-changing. I’m sharing a testimonial from someone else that’s not me below, so keep reading for that, and to see how to WIN!

Firstly- you have to purchase these doTERRA supplements for yourself. Do you need help setting up your order for the first time with me? I can totally help!! Just check out this page, follow the instructions and if you still need assistance, let me know!

But if you’ve ordered from me or another TDE member before, just add the supplements to a new order this month, keep your receipt, and READ on… because this is where it gets exciting!

That’s right! We’re giving away HUGE prizes just for ordering the Life Long Vitality supplements from doTERRA through me. If you’re already a member of The Daily Essential Co, you’re going to want to add the LLV kit to your LRP this month. If you aren’t a member yet, zero worries! You can still join us, learn about how truly AMAZING these all-natural plant-compounds are for you AND WIN!

It’s easy… just follow these steps below:

Step 1. Purchase the Life Long Vitality supplements through doTERRA before April 15, 2019. If you have never purchased anything through me yet, let me know via email and I’ll walk you through it.

Step 2. Join Us in The Daily Essential Co members-only Facebook group from April 1-15th for information on resetting your body through daily habits.

Step 3- Show us proof of your LLV (that’s what we call our supplements) purchase and be entered to win amazing prizes. Bonus prize levels for proof of orders over $125 and EVEN more bonus prizes for orders over $200. All those prizes & details can be found in the private member’s FB group.

Step 4- FEEL better because you’re putting premium supplements in your body that contain no filler and have incredible amounts of bio-available (which means your body absorbs it) plant compounds and essential oils, nutrients and more.

Here’s one of my favorite testimonials from someone using our Life-Long Vitality supplements for just a few weeks:

“I had two ruptured discs in my neck, pinching a nerve with pain radiating from my neck to my fingers. Surgery was scheduled. After about 10 days on LLV the pain was gone. The doctor said I had likely reduced the inflammation enough to let my body heal on its own. The surgery was cancelled. This was almost 5 years ago, and I’ve been taking the LLV every since.”

-Lisa Ciapanelli

So… these products work. There are hundreds if not thousands of testimonials that are similar to this story… and more than that, there are people worldwide who have made the choice to improve their health daily using these supplements.

Wouldn’t you want that for yourself? I want it for you. And there is NO better to time to try these top-selling doTERRA products for your health and your family’s health. If you aren’t completely wow-ed by them, you can get your money back. And KEEP the prizes that you win in The Daily Essential Habit Reset giveaway!

That’s winning all the way around.

Ready to get started? Visit this The Daily Essential Co doTERRA Lifelong Vitality enrollment post and sign-up now!

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  1. I would love to hear more about the supplements! I have a herniated disc in my neck that needs surgery. I haven’t scheduled the surgery because I have two babies, 3 years old and 8 months, and I’m nursing my youngest.

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