The Daily Essential Habits Reset

HI babes!
We are so excited to introduce you to Daily Health Habits – a community guide to wellness by The Daily Essential Co!

The goal:
-To get our users focused on the baseline of their health by purchasing and getting regular with our Lifelong Vitality Vitamins! 
-To introduce new enrollments to our community by inviting them to get started with us and the Lifelong Vitality Pack!

How it works:

There are different prizes being given for different amounts of PV placed – the more PV the more expensive the prize – it’s going to be so fun to spoil our members!!

Where will the information be?

In our members group! Click above to Join Us!

Resources to help you help your customers:

:Google Drive with scripts, images etc…

Video about LLV]

Post about LLV

Hurry! The prizes begin April 15th!

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