The Essentials of The Daily Essential Co.

From the basics to the advanced, everything that’s essential to learning 

about essential oils & the doTERRA company. 

Our Focus

Our main focus at The Daily Essential Co is providing you the basic essential oil information whether you’re just using the product yourself or teaching others how to use & love them. 

See how we do it:

Get Started

We know the greatest success stories from using essential oils is to just get started using them & keep them a part of your daily routine. 


Our Goals

The Daily Essential Co Community is a vibrant, fast-paced essential oil community

that accepts, loves & cherishes every human we get to interact with. 

Coming from all walks of life and from all over the world, our members & leaders

truly believe that natural, holistic solutions for common issues that you face

should be: 

1. Easy to Access

2. Easy to Use

3. Easy to Share


We’ve created hundreds of resources for you. 



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Business Education for a doTERRA Presidential Diamond

Ready to take your business to the next level? Need hands-on accountability and mentorship?

Learn from a Presidential Diamond and doTERRA leader 

in one-on-one coaching sessions. 


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