Cleanse // Facial Oil Cleanser
Cleanse // Facial Oil Cleanser
Cleanse // Facial Oil Cleanser
Cleanse // Facial Oil Cleanser
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Cleanse // Facial Oil Cleanser

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Cleanse the skin + gently remove makeup, dirt + unnecessary oils with our Cleanse Face Oil Cleanser. We know what you’re thinking– ‘a cleansing face oil that’s supposed to cleanse my face from oil?’ That’s right, bae. 

Science tells us that oil dissolves oil, + Cleanse utilizes pure, plant powered oils to do just that. Oil based face cleansers are the best products to remove dirt + makeup without stripping the skin of the natural sebum it produces. Cleanse works by gently dissolving all that debris to leave your skin clean, soft, + naturally hydrated.  


  • CLEANS + HYDRATES: Rich in fatty acids, Tamanu Oil works to moisturize the skin while cleansing it. 
  • BALANCES: Jojoba Oil is similar to the natural oils our skin produces. Jojoba oil face cleansers help balance the natural sebum in the skin, aiding in less breakouts. 
  • PROTECTS: An excellent source of Vitamin E, Avocado Oil helps absorb damage from free radicals to protect the skin and leave it feeling refreshed.
  • THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS: Cleanse is infused with essential oils that not only benefit skin health, but the body’s overall well-being. Grapefruit Oil is an astringent that also promotes feelings of vibrancy + joy! Eucalyptus Oil balances the skin + can decrease stress + boost mental clarity. Wild Orange Oil has cleansing properties + has enhancing effects on overall mood. 


    • Start with dry skin, + apply 1-2 pumps of Cleanse directly to the face. Rub the product in circular motions to gently dissolve makeup, dirt, + debris. Use a damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any excess oil. Double cleanse + repeat the process if necessary. 
    • For best results, use Cleanse morning + night, + follow-up with our Bae products. 


    Do you wet your face before oil cleansing? 

    • No, oil cleansers work best if you use them on dry skin! Just apply directly from the bottle dropper to your face.

    Cleansing oil vs face wash: how are they different?

    • We are using different science here, traditional cleansers use chemicals to strip the skin of ALL the oil and debris. Using this method you have to put all that hydration back to the skin otherwise you will be left dry and tight. Oil cleansing just dissolves oil and dirt without stripping the sebum of its natural suppleness. Your skin will feel smooth and plump after.

    Are oil face cleansers good for acne-prone skin?

    • Oil cleansers are incredible for acne- prone skin! There might be an adjustment period as your skin acclimates to this method, but many of our customers see reduced redness and irritation in 7-14 days.