Frequently Asked Questions

Because each of our products are made by hand, we unfortunately cannot accept returns at this time. If you have an issure with your product, please reach out to + we can help!

Yes, we do have a pick up option for locals! When you are checking out, select local pick up. We will fulfill your order, you will get an email that your order is ready to pick up. This email will have all of the instructions you need to pick up your order! If you don't see this email, double check spam.


Regular pickup hours are on Monday-Friday  between 10am-2pm MST. 

1375 S 500 E #122 American Fork, UT 84003

Please pull to the northside of the building, look for #122 on the door.

Text your name and order# to 801-623-3983. Please be aware that this is our office space and there are other businesses around us too. Remain in your car and we will bring your order to you! 

We are more than happy to replace any damaged product you received, please email us at

We want to make sure you get what you ordered, please email us at

We would love to help you with this, email us at

This is super common in the winter months- jojoba oil is solid at 50 degrees Fahrenheit + the freezing does not damage the product. Just get it inside in your warm house + wait a couple hours. It will thaw out shortly!

Once your order leaves our office + you are given a tracking number, we are no longer responsible for your order.

Of course we want to help! Here's what you can do:

1) call your local post office with the tracking number- usually they can locate it for you.

2) Use Route as package protection at checkout. This is the best option to ensure a quick + easy process.

3) After you have done this step, email us at + we can try our best to locate your order!

To access subscriptions:

If your account is already registered, click on the person icon in the upper right corner

-Enter your email address associated with the account and your password

-Under your address, click “Manage Subscriptions” 

If you have not “registered” your account, use the following link:

Once logged in, click on "Manage Subscriptions" (under address information). 

To Edit your subscription:

-Once logged in to your account, click “Manage Subscriptions”

-Click on the subscription you would like to edit

-Here you will be able to change the frequency, ship date, quantity and product size.

-You will also be able to skip the order or cancel your subscription

To edit Payment Method:

-Once logged in to your account, click “Manage Subscriptions”

-Click on “Payment Methods”

-Click on the arrow next to your credit card

-Click “Edit Payment Method”

-Click “Send Update Email”

-You should receive an email from to update your payment info

-Click on “Confirm Payment Information”

-Under your current payment info, click “Change”

-Enter your new payment information (double check that your billing address is correct)

-Click “Update Card”

To add to your subscription order:

-Once logged in to your account, click “Manage Subscriptions”

-Click the “Subscription” Tab

-Click “Add a product”

-Choose a product you would like to add

-Make sure to choose if this is a one-time addition or if you would like it to be a new subscription

Daily Dollars is our rewards program! Once you log into your account, you can click on the cute shopping bag in the bottom right corner. Click on that icon + you can see ways to earn/redeem. You can also see the rewards that you have in your account + you can use a code at checkout when you're ready to redeem!

It is completely normal for the Bae serum to be varying degrees of blue, green and yellow!  Because the serum is 100% plant based each component can vary slightly depending on harvesting and grow season. This can affect color as well as aroma, but does not affect the efficacy of the serum!

The idea behind our Bae products is to add it into your routine wherever needed!

Follow your normal skincare routine and then finish with Skin Bae/Jojobae.  When you’ve given it enough time to absorb, you may add spf on top if applicable. 

Example: Exfoliate - Cleanse - Tone - Vitamin C - Skin Bae

We believe our products are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but we always recommend consulting with your doctor just to be safe.

Still Have Questions?

If you don't see your answer below please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

What They're Saying

Doesn’t make my face feel oily and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin! Love it!


I have been using Jojobae for awhile for acne, but I feel like cleanse helped a ton when adding it to the mix! Love it!


I struggle with dry skin throughout the year, but the winter really exacerbates the problem. Skin Bae has felt so refreshing and hydrating!


Seriously love this stuff! I have been looking for an easy skin. Are régimen that is clean and good for the skin and easy on the wallet:) I am so happy I finally found it! Thank you!!!