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How ya doing, sis?! Week three of social distancing/homeschooling/working from home/not being able to leave has me feeling heavy. I am constantly trying to adjust my mental state + stay ahead of my feelings. As a mother, I am managing the feelings + emotions of many tiny people in our house. This experience has left myself + my kids, wondering “what’s happening next?” And truly, I cannot answer that question. So I’ve found ways to lift spirits + give us things to do

1. Service

On a normal day or in a pandemic– service is always a reset for me. I am always able to come back to myself + realize that we are ALL in this together. I created this list for my family to check the boxes on. We are focusing on getting out of our headspace and thinking about others. 

Quarantine Service Checklist


2. Affirmations

I have a bunch of affirmations throughout this blog + you can google them or you can make your own. An affirmation isn’t how you’re feeling in that moment, but how you want to feel. It usually begins with an “I am” statement, but there is not a right or wrong– speak your desires into the world and try hard to believe them. This is such a powerful form of positive self-talk! 

Week 1 of Affirmations

Week 2 of Affirmations

Week 3 of Affirmations

Week 4 of Affirmations

3. Adaptiv

I live for this line of oils! There is a rollerball, an oil + capsules. The trio is incredible for my mental health + my overall wellness. Adaptiv is an awesome answer to reducing tension and helping to empower and encourage when adapting to difficult situations or acclimating to new surroundings. Check it out.

Adaptiv Essentail Oils


4. Get outside + move

This has saved me in the last couple of weeks! I have gone on walks, rode bikes, done yard work, jumped on the trampoline… anything. Get outside and move! Maybe you like running, maybe you have pretty mountains by you, maybe the beach is close by– go + move! 


5. Set a routine schedule

If you go to bed late every night and then your kids are up early in the morning, your patience wears thinner a lot faster than usual. I love staying up late, but I have found that I can enjoy the days more if I just commit to going to bed at a reasonable hour + then, get out of bed when my alarm goes off! 

If you are a total star student, get up before your kids shower + get dressed. This will make you feel like a million bucks and very productive. On days when I am able to do this, I find that I somehow have more time for my kids because it feels like I made time for myself. 

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