Fresh Start PRE-ORDER

Fresh Start PRE-ORDER

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Part 1: Cleanse / Exfoliant / C:Luronic
Part 2: SkinBae 30ml

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Get it while it's on sale! This entire bundle will ship at the end of june when exfoliant restocks, but you can save with a discount + qualify for free shipping right now! Your future self is going to love that you ordered this! xo, TDE Team

If you're wanting to overhaul your routine + get a brand new, fresh start ✨ Then this bundle is just for you! You get one of everything, all you have to do is pick between Bae's, either SkinBae or JojoBae. 

Bundle Includes:

  • Cleanse 100ml
  • Exfoliant 4oz
  • C:Luronic 30ml
  • 30ml Bae of your choice