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Jenna Rammell

Hey babe, I’m so glad you made it. I’m Jenna, a wife, mother to 4 and business owner. I started The Daily Essential Co. because I believe that each of us have limitless worth and I have a deep desire to help women discover that for themselves. I’m nowhere near perfect and that’s the best part of my life journey. I’m here for you, so come as you are.

My belief is that our bodies are amazing and the earth provides most of what we need to be healthy, happy, and enhance our own inherent beauty. If you want more of The Daily Essential Co. community, we’d love for you to be a part of the family. Join our online family on Instagram

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I created Bae by accident as I worked to heal a terrible case of Perioral Dermatitis, it was ruining my confidence and I hated putting my makeup on! My doctor wanted to put me on 2 months of antibiotics and I knew there had to be a gentler solution for my skin and body. I knew there was power in plant essential oils and so I got to work mixing at my kitchen table. Not only did Skin Bae heal my skin, but it transformed it just like the serum now has for thousands of women across the globe. I am grateful every day for your notes of excitement and joy as Bae works to heal your skin and give you that glow up you deserve!

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Skin Bae Natural Facial Serum

Announcing Skin Bae to buy! It's The Daily Essential Co's exclusive, highest requested recipe for glowing, tightened, improved skin created by our founder, Jenna Rammell. It's got a custom blend of the finest essential oils and skinfood face carrier oils that has drastically (or miraculously as some would say) improved many people's complexions. MANY.

Ready for a glowup? Get this 30 ml bottle of Skin Bae, mixed with good-for-you rosehip oil and the perfect blend of luxurious natural essential oils. Try this renowned all-natural facial serum if you've got skin issues and are looking for a natural skincare solution.

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What They're Saying

I love skin bae! I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks and my husband pointed how how glowy my skin looks. I struggle with lots of acne scarring and breakouts. It’s really making a difference in my complexion. I’ve had fewer break outs since using this as well.


My skin has never been better! So glowy and hydrated. And I also started to use it on patches of eczema on my hands and it heals so much faster now. Thank you for such an amazing product!!!!


No way to explain how amazing this little jar is! If you are hesitant on trying it… just do it! It’s less than going out to eat with them family. I feel like I’m spoiling myself every time I use it! My son also thinks he’s special when I put it on him after a day of recess with chapped cheeks.


I have only been using skin bae for a few weeks and have already noticed a huge difference! I have deep cystic acne and I have noticed a huge difference. I don't have as much inflammation and the acne around my jaw line has diminished.