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Sam is a Master Esthetician + co-owner of Aive Esthetics. Sam has been my esthetician for 2 years + has been helping me get the results that I want. While good skincare gets you a long way, working with an esthetician on a regular basis levels it up! Sam's belief is you can be confident + comfortable in your skin while receiving result driven treatment. You are going to love her!

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Why oil-based skincare?

Here's why oils are beautiful on the skin...

Our skin naturally makes oils and lipids which help prevent water loss in our skin to keep it hydrated. Oils on the skin work as an emollient which strengthens the skin by softening and sealing the skin barrier, preventing water loss. Face oil like Skin Bae + Jojobae help reduce bacteria, inflammation, and are a great source of natural antioxidants. This improves the overall health of your skin, giving you that dewy glow!

I have acne, can I use Bae?

Here's why you can totally still use Bae...

The most common misconception about using oils on acne prone skin is that it will cause more breakouts. When you fail to properly hydrate, your skin barrier becomes compromised and over compensates by actually producing more oil. Bae helps add and lock in needed hydration and is very soothing for acne, giving it the chance to heal. The essential oils in the serum also have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties! This helps reduce irritation and protect against the P bacteria that causes acne.

Where do I put Bae in my routine?

The best rule of thumb if are unsure of where to add products in is,thinnest to thickest! When using it twice a day, in the mornings use it as an antioxidant and apply after toner. When applying it at night, use it after retinol and right before for moisturizer for extra hydration. Bae can be used as a moisturizer if your skin is plenty hydrated! You don't have to worry about taking anything out of your routine, you can just add Bae in!

Who is Bae good for?

Here's who can use Bae...

Bae is great for everyone!! It’s healing and hydrating properties can benefit young skin- even kids, weathered skin, aging skin, acne prone skin, you name it. This unicorn juice is a staple in all regimens! You can also use it on dry hands, burns, rashes- you don't have to stop at your face.

Why do you love Bae?

Here's why Master Esthetician Sam Rose loves Bae...

I love Bae because I know exactly what is in it! It's an incredible superfood for your skin + is a product that working from the outside in. Copaiba oil helps increase the absorption rate of the other oils that are paired with it. So your Bae is working deep in the skin and healing the dermis, rather than stripping it.

You're going to love it!