Exhale: Restoring + Honoring You

Exhale: Honoring + Restoring You

Exhale is a 4-week workshop designed to feel like an exhale. Jenna Rammell + Liz Hays will guide you through their life's work + wish for everyone. To lighten the heaviness of life, by honoring the richness of your present self. Welcoming ease in the hard is the path to restoring.

We cannot wait to have you join us!

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Meet Liz Hays

Founder + Creator of The Sync Up Method and The Mothership Membership

Liz is an energy intuitive and healer. She founded The Sync Up Method which is a healing method used to give voice and awareness to the inner child and the inner being. The effects of this method are life changing. Many state that after just one session they received more clarity and transformation than years of therapy. The radicalness of this method is in the understanding that the inner child is not in the past. The inner child is here and now desiring to live life freely. To Liz, the inclusion of the inner child unlocks the magic of being alive. Life becomes “okay” and less of a worry and threat. 

Liz is also a wife of 19 years and mother to 5 children, currently ages 18-7. So much of her expansion has come from motherhood and marriage.

Meet Jenna Rammell

Founder + Creator of The Daily Essential Co.

Jenna's love for all things health + wellness went from hobby to career after creating the viral face serum, Skin Bae in 2018. Since, has expanded her skincare line + grown this small family business to one of the fastest growing businesses in Utah.

Jenna is not only a CEO, but also a wife of 17 years + the mother to 4 beautiful children. With a full schedule herself, Jenna understands the importance Iof taking time for yourself + the impact this has on the people around her. Simply because You Deserve This.

The Magic of Exhale

Here is just some of the learning we hope to gift + show you:

You will have tools and perspective to navigate your unique life. You are here!

You will understand how to live with your inner child instead of fighting her. Resisting her. Fearing her. 

You will learn to release the fear of fear and embrace your brilliant sensing system. You are a feeler.

You will release being a victim to our own sensitivity. This is your superpower!

You will be in tune with your personal magic. You have power regardless of what’s going on around you.

exhale with us!