Hey babe, you’ve got some discoloration!


Here’s what’s going on under your skin: 

Discoloration is often caused by inflammation under the skin. There are many reasons that this could be happening so consulting a doctor on deeper issues like diet, allergies + irritations is the best place to start. To address discoloration, many methods strip the skin of natural (good) oils that the skin will create to heal + protect the dermis. Our method allows the skin to heal itself + we only add in the plant powered good stuff! Jojoba oil naturally dissolves dirt + debris to balance the skin. This will allow the oil levels in the skin to balance out + heal moving forward.


You’re not just applying more oil, hear me out!

Jojoba oil:

  • fills the skin with nourishing products to reduce inflammation
  • dissolves the dirt in your pores to cleanse and clear the skin
  • is anti-microbial so it’s very gentle, healing your skin rather than stripping it

Jojoba oil soothes and relaxes your skin!


How do I know? 

Hi! I’m Jenna, a wife, mama, and business owner. I started The Daily Essential Co because I believe that each of us have limitless worth and I have a deep desire to help women discover that for themselves. I’m nowhere near perfect and that’s the best part of my life journey. I’m here for you, so come as you are. My belief is that our bodies are amazing and the earth provides most of what we need to be healthy, happy, and enhance our own inherent beauty.


I created Skin Bae by accident as I worked to heal a terrible case of Perioral Dermatitis, it was ruining my confidence and I hated putting my makeup on! My doctor wanted to put me on 2 months of antibiotics and I knew there had to be a gentler solution for my skin and body. I knew there was power in plant essential oils and so I got to work mixing at my kitchen table. Not only did Skin Bae heal my skin, but it transformed it just like the serum now has for thousands of women across the globe. I am grateful every day receiving notes of excitement and joy as skin bae works to heal your skin and give you that glow up you deserve!


How this fits into your existing skincare routine

Here’s what we suggest:


  1. Use an oil cleanser, the goal with oil based skincare is to nourish + balance the skin instead of stripping the skin with harsh cleansers
  2. Next a Vitamin C serum, this will help reduce signs of sun damage + boost collagen production
  3. Next a moisturizer, this step is optional, depending on your skin type- most people find they don’t need moisturizer when they are using oil based skincare, but if you're experiencing dryness, add this step in
  4. Layer your Skin Bae, 2-3 pumps in your hand and press this into your skin. No need to rub or oversaturate the skin- just a thin layer + allow to air dry


Ready for a glowup?

Jojobae is mixed with good-for-you jojoba oil and the perfect blend of luxurious natural essential oils. Jojoba's molecules closely resemble sebum produced by the skin, working wonders to balance oil production + reduce inflammation. Frankincense is one of the best oils to use on discoloration- it boosts cell turnover allowing a boost in collagen production + minimizing inflammation.


Take charge of your skin and get a more radiant, tighter, and clearer complexion with this plant-based formula!


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