Managing Big Feelings in Little Hearts

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As we are adjusting to this new normal in our house, we have come up with a new routine for the kids. They need a little extra support + comfort right now. We all do! They went from going to school everyday, seeing their friends, seeing their teachers, going to church activities, seeing grandparents + cousins to nothing. They don’t see other people– I have been struggling with this concept and I know they are too. Here is what we are doing to support their BIG feelings:

P.S. I use the Kids Kit to amplify all of these tips!

  1. Routine

This is the most crucial thing for our children. It’s hard for me to be on a routine, but we all need it at this time. It allows us to know what to expect from the day and what to expect from each other. 

When we plan out our days, we are all agreeing to the schedule + what I want/expect. From electronics, school work, to me working, naps, quiet time, outside time, exercising– it helps us to have a plan. That way nothing feels “last minute” to my kids or husband. 

Essential oil for kids

  1. Bedtime

While every single night could be a late night, we don’t need that in our life right now. I need my kids to get in bed, be well rested for the next day and I need the peace and quiet to work and spend time with Andrew. 

I like to roll Calmer on necks and chests before kids get in bed. This supports their sleep + helps support their respiratory system which seems very important right now. 

Essential oils for kids

  1. Affirmations

My kids say their affirmations before bedtime and anytime they are melting down. It helps them feel empowered and present with their bodies. An affirmation isn’t necessarily how you feel in that moment, but how you want to feel. Beginning with the “I am” statement– you can say anything afterwards. I like to use Focus during these moments of overwhelm.

Here are some that we say:

  • I am a child of God
  • I am strong + capable
  • I am smart + kind
  • I am a good brother/sister
  • I am loved
  • I am a hardworker

Essential oils for kids

  1. Get outside + move

This has saved me in the last couple of weeks! I have gone on walks, rode bikes, done yard work, jumped on the trampoline… anything. Get outside and move! Maybe you like running, maybe you have pretty mountains by you, maybe the beach is close by– go + move! This helps the kids so much, too. They need to be moving and active so they can feel at ease and sleep well. 

Essential oils for kids

  1. Rolling on Oils

When the kids are trying to focus on their school work, I like to diffuse something bright + cheery. This is my favorite focus blend.

When the kids wake up– I am rolling the big kids with Steady + Stronger. This helps support their immunity. Whenever they are having big feelings or we are trying to redirect from one thing to another, I like them to roll Tamer on their necks and into their hands for them to breathe in. This helps them focus and take a moment to relax and be present. I think the whole Kids Kit is a great arsenal to have, all the oils are diluted + fractionated for you so all you have to is roll them on.

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