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Year round, indoor air quality is something to be conscious of, but especially in the dreary winter months. Being indoors for days at a time, breathing stale air, this suppresses your immune system. To combat this - there are some very simple switches + additions that you can incorporate into your home that will turn things around!

Open Your Windows

It's the simplest (and cheapest!) thing you can do to improve your indoor air quality. Open your windows for even just five minutes a day to alleviate the accumulation of harmful air pollutants in your indoor air. 

Get Some Houseplants

Having indoor houseplants can help improve indoor air quality, the plants filter the air as they breath. Here are 14 more houseplant suggestions.

Start Diffusing

Ditch your candles + start diffusing. This not only makes your house smell amazing, but it is clean + easy to breathe in. Essential oils like eucalyptus, clove and rosemary have been proven to help reduce the number of dust mites in your house, too. Check out my diffuser kit here!

Essential oil diffuser kit

Take Off Your Shoes

The dirt outside can carry some really nasty stuff: pesticides, pollen, fungi, bacteria or feces, for example. When you walk inside your house, any or all of that could be on the bottom of your shoes, so it’s best to take them off when you get inside. It’ll help keep your air cleaner — not to mention your floors.

Turn on the Air Conditioning

If you have central air conditioning, you already have a whole-house air filtration system at your disposal. It works by pulling air out of your house, cooling it and pumping it back in. Most systems have a filter that you need to change regularly, and this filter can trap particles while it does its job. Make sure you change the filter regularly! 

Clean with Non Toxic Chemicals

Many store-bought household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can cause eye, nose, throat and lung irritation. When your windows are closed + you’re cleaning with these products– everyone in your house is breathing it in. Swap out for a cleaner option! 

Essential oil all purpose cleaning spray

Air Purifier

Air purifiers can be an effective way to reduce harmful particles in the air. This is an awesome air purifier if you’re in the market for one. 

Cook with Avocado Oil

If you’re cooking on the stovetop, use avocado oil with a high smoke point so your home isn’t filled with smoke. Again, when your doors are closed, your entire family is breathing in this smoke. 

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